Heating & AC 2

Heating & AC 2

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James Roxbury, MA

Construction Supervisor

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Finn Fall River, MA

EV Customer Relations Coordinator

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Courtney New Bedford, MA

HVAC Installer

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    Students continue their education of the HVAC program in the second year which focuses on the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting service and repair of a central air conditioning system as well as a gas furnace, oil furnace and heat pump systems. Students will also learn about weatherization and energy efficiency of HVAC equipment and ductwork as well as understanding various types of motors used in HVAC equipment. During the second year focus is also given to the Environmental Protection Agency's Section 608 refrigerant handling certification with the goal of passing the Core section plus one or more types in either small appliances, high or low pressure systems earning them an industry credential. Student internship experiences are an option for this course. Skills USA, the co-curricular student organization, offers opportunities in leadership, community, and competitive events.

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    Program Host: Edison HS Academy

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What you’ll learn

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Quick Facts
Program Host Type: Vocational Technical High School
Program Focus 1: HVAC
Outcomes: Certificate
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