OSHA 30 Certification Class

OSHA 30 Certification Class

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James Roxbury, MA

Construction Supervisor

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Finn Fall River, MA

EV Customer Relations Coordinator

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Courtney New Bedford, MA

HVAC Installer

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  • Program Info

    OSHA 30 Certification: This comprehensive certification program is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure safety on construction sites. Successful completion of this program not only grants you an OSHA 30 certification but also provides the following benefits: Flagger License: Individuals will receive a flagger license, allowing them to safely control traffic at construction sites. CPR Certification: Participants will also gain CPR certification, a crucial life-saving skill. Access to Construction Sites: Employers will recognize your training and trust that you are well-versed in safety rules, making you a valuable asset on construction sites. Cost: Free of charge. Residency: No restrictions; open to all. Age Requirement: Participants must be 18 years old or older. Frequency: The OSHA 30 Certification Class is offered on a monthly basis. Registration: To enroll in this program, click the registration link provided below. The OSHA 30 Certification Class is conducted at the Skyland Workforce Center.

  • Contact Us

    Program Host: Skyland Workforce Center/Building Bridges

    Phone: 202-793-2141

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Quick Facts
Program Host Type: Career Training
Program Focus: Green design & construction
Outcomes: Certificate
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